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Over the past two decades, we have expanded our services to include arranging highly structured financing in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, traditional vessel financing. In this area, our core clientele includes investment grade companies, both public and private.

Our approach is team based, where we essentially act as a member of our client’s in-house group in guiding and developing low cost, risk adjusted alternatives using the client’s owned assets or assets to be acquired.

The breadth and depth of our relationships with experienced and developing traditional marine lenders as well as non-traditional capital providers, uniquely positions our firm within the market. We have a proven record of funding transactions with over a dozen financial institutions. While our capital providers are primarily investment grade, we also maintain access to non-traditional funding sources. Under this initiative, our firm has successfully arranged structured transactions on over 200 vessels in both the U.S. Jones Act and foreign flag markets. End users ratings range from single “B” to “AA” rated companies. Asset classes in which we have experience include:

· Tankers

· Bulk Carriers

· Offshore E&P Service Vessels, Rigs, etc…

· Inland Waterway Craft

· Harbor Assist Tugs

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