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  -  HISTORY  - 

In 1894, shipbroker Jacques Pierot Jr. left his predecessor company to establish his own office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

                     Jacques was a well-respected businessman in his field, with a strict code of ethics shared also by the brokers on his staff, subscribing to the motto ”Our Word is our Bond” long before it became a popular credo of the service industry. Jacques received many distinguished honors, including France’s Ordre National De La Legion D’Honneur. He was knowledgeable, socially adept and, as is the case for us today, his clients became not only his friends but close confidants as well.

The firm flourished in Rotterdam for over half a century. Additional staff, including the founder’s three sons, continued to expand the business upon Jacques’ retirement and, at the end of the 1940’s, relocated the office to New York City. The Pierot’s continued to prosper as the burgeoning maritime industry saw an ever expanding number of foreign owners establish a presence throughout the Americas -on the U.S. Eastern seaboard in particular- joining the ranks of owners already flying American and foreign flags on this side of the Atlantic.

Jacques’ grandsons eventually took the helm and further enhanced the firm’s global stature by developing even more trusted relationships with financial institutions, major oil companies, passenger lines, fruit companies and the like. Perhaps having the most influence on their growth was a host of who are now legendary ship owners that were among the great entrepreneurs of the 20th Century, many of them of Scandinavian, Greek and Chinese descent, who had also landed on the beaches of New York to seek a new beginning.   

To this day, the firm continues to thrive under the direction of the founder's great grandsons, with a 5th generation also joining the industry.  As we celebrate over 129 years of continued operation, we still are guided by the same principles upon which the firm was founded so many years ago:

“ Our Word is Our Bond ” 

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